Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sensational Sunday-FOTD

Hey painted divas! What's the tee on this Sensational Sunday? Well,
today my look was inspired by the weather. Hurricane Irene has left
the city of brotherly love feeling like Fall. Oh, how I love the
season of Fall. I used a Wet'nWild palette that I've had for the
longest but never opened. All the colors are warm and very natural.
There are 6 shades, 3 matte & 3 highly pigmented shimmers. I used the
shimmers :-) I lined my waterline with a liquid black liner and my
actual eyeliner was NYX Dark Brown. For my brows I filled them in with
the NYX Black eyeshadow for more definition. My foundation was MAC's
Mineralize Skinfinish in Deep Dark, MAC's Sweet as Cocoa blush and
MAC's Bronzing Powder in Deeper Bronze. I lined my lips with MAC's
Teddy eyeliner, filled my lips in with NYX's Thalia lipstick and
topped it off witha nude gloss from Dots. Hope you guys like it, I
know I do! It came out prettier than I expected! Be sure to follow and

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

What's the tee divas? Well, here I am at 10:45 pm eastern standard
time watching and listening to Hurricane Irene. We've already lost
power (ugh!) and so my cousin and I are listening to comedy on
Pandora. I must admit this weather reminds me of home (South FL).
Making me a little home sick. The worst of the storm won't hit us til
around 12am so I just pray for God's protection. Alrighty divas I'll
keep ya posted...smooches!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Healthy Skin

Good morning Painted Divas what's the tee? Today is Thursday and I am
so thankful! Before I move forward I just want to Thank God for being
a part of my life and helping me to grow into a better person each and
everyday. Now, let's talk Healthy Skin. If you're the type of person
who uses makeup on a daily basis you should really have a good
cleansing regimen to ensure that you are completely removing all
makeup and dirt from your face and pores on a regular basis. Also,
ladies I know sometimes when you've had a long night out, you just
wanna go home and get into bed. But, before doing that please make
sure you're removing your makeup. Anywho, my cousin Jas put me on to a
new daily facial cleanser by Aveeno. They are pre-moistened pads,
which are textured on one side and smooth on the other, that will
remove any dirt or makeup from the face and pores. What I like about
these cleansing pads is that you don't have to wet your face prior to
using but you do have to rinse with water to remove the cleanser. They
have a nice and refreshing scent and you can get plenty of lather from
one single pad. I used them for a couple of days and I haven't noticed
any drying out on my skin. I still follow with a toner and moisturizer
because that's my normal routine. We picked these up at Target and
they were around $7 bucks or so...please let me know if anybody
decides to try them and what you think about them. I attached a pic so
you'll know what they look like...smooches!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nicka K.

What's the Tee Painted Divas??? Yes I know I've been missing again but
I'm back and I'm here to stay! The last time I posted I was talking
about trying the Nicka K. cosmetics I bought and guess what??? I did a
look! Like I mentioned before their eyeshadows don't have names, only
product numbers. Really I was only experimenting but the look came out
pretty good! I think I'll buy a few other colors and see if they're
something I'd like to add to my make-up collection. Below are a few
photos...please critique, comment and of course follow ME lol! I'll
add the product info later today. Hope you all have a blessed

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy, Busy Bee!!!!!!

What's the Tee Painted Divas? It's been a long time since my last post I know! I've been so busy with my job and now I'm helping out a really good friend with her Party Planning business, it's just been a lot. Also, I'm working on getting an iPad or iPad2 so that I'm able to post and upload on the go! Right now I'm writing this post from my iPhone as I take the El train to work, lol. I have bought some products by Nicka K., which I really do like. If anybody knows me they know I'm really in to lip gloss more than lipstick but I gotta say I am loving their lipsticks! And...I bought a few eyeshadows as well just to see if I'd like them and I have to say I do! I wore the purple shadow for a night out on the town and the eyeshadow never faded and they are highly pigmented. I think I'll be able to post a pic of the shadows from my phone. Well, I'm about to get off and head to work so you divas have a blessed day...Smooches!

FOTD 7/4/11

FOTD 7/4/11
Nice Basic Face w/MAC's MSF in Deep Dark & Nude Lip Gloss

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Lips: NYX Y2k lip liner, Kiss' Nude Beige lipstick & MAC's Spring Bean lip glass

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