Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Birthday Behavior-Bright Lights and Philly Nights

Hello beauties!
 It's been quite a while but I'm back! Hopefully back to stay! There has been soooooo much going on in my life but I thank God for it all! Anywho I just celebrated my 38th birthday a few weeks ago and wanted to do something different. I love the style of Carrie Bradshaw, lead character from HBO's Sex and the City so I wanted to go for a look that embodied her style. Now, to my surprise my 2 best friends already had my birthday weekend on lock lol. They gave me first class service as if I was a celebrity! I thank God for them both. My besties and I along with a few others got together to go out for a night on the town! We did dinner and Asian Karaoke! For those who are not from Philly Asian Karaoke bars are the absolute best venues for groups to have a ball! Here are a few moments from one of the BEST BIRTHDAYS EVER!!!!!!!!!

Dinner was at The Kitchen Bar! It was my first time eating there and besides the Won tons lol everything else was Awesome-Sauce!

Image result for the kitchen bar, abington, pa

Now here are a few pics of everyone who attended...we had a great time!

So this is Cleo and this was her on our way to the her to pieces! And her Sex and the City personality came out to be Charlotte lol...if anyone knows Cleo lol this was spot on!

This is my Philly Bestie her with my whole heart! We've been rockin' since we met through her sister when I was still living in Florida. Oh yea when we did the Sex and the City Quiz she tested as Miranda...any similarities in style?????

This is my riding buddy Nit and now my friend...the talks and dialogue we have on our rides to and from work are absolutely amazing! Blessed to now have her in my life. She's a little rowdy now lol but I know good people when I come across them. Oh yea she's a Charlotte too!

This is my former co-worker and friend Vicki. Although we don't get a chance to hangout as often as we would like it's always good times when we get together!

This is BEAN! She's like my sister from another mother who wants to be my little BIG Brother LOL!

The BESTIE again rockin' her thing as a beautiful and MODEST Muslimah!

Ms. Nit

Dang it's Cleo again LOL! But she's cute!

My beautiful and SEXY cousin Pretty Nikki!!!!!! I know ya'll looking at her...LOL! Love this gal to pieces just know this FAMILY right here! And Nikki came out to be a Samantha...any resemblance?

It's the BEAN!!!!!!!

Group Picture minus BEAN LOL

Last but not least.......ME! The BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Of course my personality matched the AMAZING Carrie Bradshaw and I did not cheat LOL!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading and seeing the pics as much as I enjoyed my night! Talk to you all real soon...PROMISE! Smooches!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Brunch with the Beatuties

Happy Saturday folks! Today I took a few hours to have a little time to myself and enjoy some good company and good food with a few friends. We went to a cafe in Philly's University City area called Sabrina's Cafe 
The place was packed lol but we waited to see what all the hype was about. Of course there were some selfies as we waited lol 
This is my gf Vicki...she's cute lol I know! 
I preferred to take my pic inside the waiting area. 
Nye our beautiful Muslimah friend 

Still waiting patiently for our table... Well once we got seated the service was swift! Our waitress, who was the best, was at the table when we sat down! 
About 15 minutes after ordering our food was delivered fresh & hot to our table! 

Here's a closer look at everything:

This is what I had...SeΓ±or Chang's Mexi Especial 

Vicki had the stuffed French toast with bananas

Nye also had stuffed French toast with a fruit chutney, scrambled eggs & home fries!

The portions are large and filling and the prices are very reasonable! We had a great time! 
Of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't give you a closer look at my makeup for the day lol. Nothing majot just my LA Colors BB cream, MAC MSF,  MAC Vintage Grape blush, Wet'n Wild's sugarplum fairy lipstick and a blue eyeliner from the BS store.
Overall today at Sabrina's was great ANSI would definitely recommend! Don't forget to like, comment and share!

Smooches πŸ’‹

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My First "Nikah"(Muslim Wedding)

Hey there loves! Well this past weekend I attended my first "Nikah", which is a Muslim Wedding. Well, I actually only attended the reception lol but I still wanted to be respectful of their beliefs that women should dress modest. So I picked up a Muslim skirt and built my from there. I wanted to go with Spring-like colors while still keeping myself covered & warm because it was rainy & cold! Overall it was nice! My makeup look was inspired by "jasmynethesculptor"(instagram name). She did a look on youtube & I love the color scheme & that's really what I used to choose for my outfit colors lol.    Below I've enclosed some pics of my outfit, my daughter's outfit, my makeup look & a few pics I took at the reception. Here's what I used for my makeup:

Eyes: Nicka K eyeshadow base in Nude, MAC's Steamy, Aqua, Brown Script & Goldmine eyeshadow, Muslim black kohl eyeliner

Brows: Wet'nWild's coloricon Kohl eyeliner in 603A, L.A. Girl Pro concealer in dark cocoa & Maybelline's Great Lash NY in clear

Face: LA colors  Pro BB cream in dark, MAC's MSF in deep dark & a MAC peach blush lol sorry i forgot the name, Oh & Ruby Kisses Set'N Forget in Banana
Lips: A lipglass I got from Dots in Nude

 Here are the photos! 

The ultimate photo bomb by my little love lol...
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Gothic Glam

Hey girlies! I said I would add a new look every week so here's this week's look: "Gothic Glam." A girlfriend of mine that's a MUA out of Daytona Beach, Fl (sugasade  on instagram) did a makeup challenge that featured dark lippies. I'm not a fan of really dark lipstick but some of them I like! So here's my look featuring my dark lippie by Wet n Wild called "Wicked." Here's what I used: 

NickaK long lasting eye shadow base NYA12
Wet n Wild's Petal Pusher palette(used the 2 purple colors and a matte black from my Coastal Scents palette)
Verri's black kohl Muslim eyeliner for upper & lower lid

Wet n Wild's coloricon Kohl eyeliner  in 603A
L.A. Girl Pro.concealer in dark cocoa
Maybelline's Great Lash NY in clear

L.A. Girl cream in dark
M.A.C.'s MSF in deep dark
M.A.C. Vintage Grape blush

Wet n Wild's Wicked lippie
M.A.C.'s Nightmoth lip liner 

Here we go!

Well that's it! Hope you like! Don't forget to like, comment and share!

Smooches xoxoxox πŸ’‹

Friday, March 6, 2015

Nice and Natural

Hey girlies!! It's been a while I know but I'm a FT mother with a FT job so my schedule is hectic lol! But I am doing my best to find time to share my weekly looks with you all! With my busy schedule I don't always have time to do a "full face". So something quick and simple is what's best for me right now! Here's a look I did about 2 weeks ago and it was quick and simple! Hope you guys like it! Be sure to comment and share my blog with your friends! 

Sorry I didn't list what I used lol I promise I'll get better with that! Smooches πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

So thankful to see another year! Although we weren't able to spend this holiday with our immediate family we were still blessed to be around family. I had to work on a Turkey Day so I decided to rock my Sensationnel Havana Wig, neutral eye with a pop of color and a pinkish nude lipstick! A pretty winter scark really set the look to perfection! I pray you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! Until next time...smooches!

Pics from Black Friday

This wig really gives me life 😜😜😜😜

FOTD 7/4/11

FOTD 7/4/11
Nice Basic Face w/MAC's MSF in Deep Dark & Nude Lip Gloss

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